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you saw tasm 2 already?? was it good?

YESSS IT WAS GREATT!!! You should totally go see it! The new Harry Osborn (Dane Dehaan) did an amazing job. Very talented. Easily the best performance in the movie. Though I would have liked him to have a bit more screen time. It’s such a treat to see him act in this role.


I know this movie was greatly criticized by old school spiderman fanboys, but please go into it for the entertainment and don’t judge on it too much. I have noticed a few plot holes here and there (which have been pointed out by critiques, therefore giving the movie a low score) but maybe they’ll get covered up in the 3rd movie, we never know.

I don’t understand how people can rate a movie based on the writing alone when everything else was just a spectacle to watch. Great actors, CG and soundtracks. I really think this movie is highly underrated (IGN gave it 6.9). My advice would be to go see it on IMAX 3D for the full experience!